Mile 22 (2018)
00 minute | Action
added to catalog : 16.04.2019

Mile 22

Middle aged CIA officer and former U.S. Marine war veteran, James Silva, leads a Special Activities Division team code-named Overwatch to raid a Russian FSB safe house in the United States. Under the remote supervision of James Bishop and his team, the mission is to locate and destroy shipments of caesium before the highly radioactive substance can be weaponized. In the ensuing firefight, most of the Russians and Overwatch operative Greg Vickers are killed, but critical intelligence on the caesium is destroyed. Silva executes the last survivor, a teenager who warns him that he is making a mistake...

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Iko Uwais
role : Li Noor
John Malkovich
role : Bishop
Lauren Cohan
role : Alice Kerr
Mark Wahlberg
role : James Silva
Ronda Rousey
role : Sam Snow



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