Real Steel (2011)
00 minute | Action
added to catalog : 26.11.2019

Real Steel

The events of the film take place in the future, where boxing is banned for inhumanity and replaced by the battles of 2,000-pound human-driven robots. A former boxer, and now a promoter who has crossed into Robobox, decides that he finally found his champion when he comes across a crippled but very capable robot. At the same time, an 11-year-old guy appears on the life path of the hero, who turns out to be his son. And as the machine makes its way to the top, father and son who have found each other learn to be friends.

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Hugh Jackman
role : Charlie Kenton
Dakota Goyo
role : Max Kenton
Evangeline Lilly
role : Bailey Tallet
Anthony Mackie
role : Finn
Kevin Durand
role : Ricky



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