The Irishman (2019)
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The Irishman

In a nursing home in his wheelchair, Frank Sheeran, an elderly World War II veteran, recounts his time as a hitman for a crime syndicate. In 1950s Philadelphia, delivery truck driver Sheeran starts to sell some of the contents of his shipments to local gangster Felix “Skinny Razor” DiTullio. After his company accuses him of theft, union lawyer Bill Bufalino gets him off after Sheeran refuses to name his customers to the judge. Bill introduces Sheeran to his cousin Russell Bufalino, head of the Northeastern Pennsylvania crime family.

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Al Pacino
role : Jimmy Hoffa
Robert De Niro
role : Frank Sheeran
Joe Pesci
role : Russell Bufalino
Ray Romano
role : Bill Bufalino
Anna Paquin
role : Peggy Sheeran



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