• Haeger
    Elektrikli manqal

    Цена : 69.00 AZN

    • Описание товара
    • Electric barrel - 1 pc., Skewers - 6 pcs., Small bowl - 1 pc. Length of cable - 1 m.
      It doesn't matter whether you have a small barebecue yard. Even if you are living in a high-rise building, you still can cook it in any weather conditions! Using our electric barbecue you will be able to roast 6 types of barbecue at the same time: meat, fish, chicken, sausages and vegetables. Whatever you roast, the product will not burn due the heat resistant spiral inside. As for oil and water, flowing from products during the cooking procedure, it will drip into special bowl just under skewers. It should be noted that the barbecue is made of stainless metal and very eeasy in using.
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