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    • Lids are designed for cans with a diameter of 82 mm. Available in three colors - yellow, green and red. 9 pcs.

      The modern vacuum lids for preserving with a pump will help keep various types of products fresh for a long period of time compared to a simple storage method. During air pumping, the oxygen content in the tank decreases significantly, as a result, the oxidation rate, and, consequently, production spoilage, is significantly reduced. For manufacturing, hygienic materials are used. The system includes a vacuum cap, a vacuum pump and a container. The most natural method of storing products is evacuation. It allows you to not lose all the nutrients in the composition, as a result, the products retain their beneficial properties! At home, it is not possible to create a 100 percent vacuum, so the products can not be stored indefinitely. Oxidation is accompanied by the release of gases. They accumulate under the lid, resulting in increased pressure. If it is above atmospheric, the lid breaks. Many would like fresh raspberries, strawberries and other berries to be stored an order of magnitude longer. Yeast fungi appear on their surface, they catalyze oxidative processes. When fruits and mushrooms are placed in a vacuum environment, their shelf life can be increased - they will preserve their taste and will not darken over time. When marinated in a vacuum, meat for barbecue it turns out incredibly soft and juicy. The shelf life of products in the conditions of pumped air is largely determined by its freshness. It is recommended to use cans of small size when preserving cucumbers (0.5 L., 1 L).

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