Pacific Rim (2013)
00 minute | Fantasy
added to catalog : 29.11.2019

Pacific Rim

When legions of monsters known as kaiju rose from the depths of the sea, a war began, which was destined to take millions of lives and reduce "human resources" to almost zero in just a few years. To fight the aliens, a special weapon was created: huge robots, called rangers, they were controlled simultaneously by two pilots, whose minds were connected using neural communication. But even huntsmen are almost powerless in the face of ruthless kaiju. On the verge of defeat, the defenders of humanity have no choice but to turn to two very dubious heroes - a former pilot who was no longer needed and an inexperienced trainee - who came together to lead the once-legendary but now outdated huntsman. Together, they turn out to be the only hope of mankind, the last obstacle to the impending apocalypse.

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Charlie Hunnam
role : Raleigh Becket
Idris Elba
role : Stacker Pentecost
Rinko Kikuchi
role : Mako Mori
Robert Kazinsky
role : Chuck Hansen
Max Martini
role : Herc Hansen



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