Capharnaüm - Turkish dubbing (2018)
00 minute | Drama
added to catalog : 10.12.2019

Capharnaüm - Turkish dubbing

12-year-old Zane cannot accurately answer the question of how many brothers and sisters he has, but he is sure that there should have been less children in his family. Despite his young age, Zane works illegally, monitors the younger ones, helps the elders, looks for money and documents for emigration to Sweden. He looks at the world with undisguised hatred. He has something to hate. Children beg in the streets of Beirut, eat ice and chips sprinkled with sugar, sell the girls as soon as possible, he is forced to eat whatever he gets, sleep where he has to, and most importantly - he just got a five-year term. In prison, Zane sues his parents. Because they gave him life.

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Zain Al Rafeea
role : Zain
Nadine Labaki
role : Nadine



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