King Kong (2005)
00 minute | Drama
added to catalog : 06.11.2019

King Kong

In 1930, a film crew led by unsuccessful filmmaker Carl Danham went to the mysterious Skull Island near Sumatra to study the legends of a giant gorilla named Kong. Upon arrival, they discover that King Kong really exists.
The gorilla lives in the most often impenetrable jungle, where besides him, hidden from the whole world, many creatures from prehistoric times live. Researchers find themselves between two fires - on the one hand, King Kong, and on the other - his enemies are dinosaurs ...

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Naomi Watts
role : Ann Darrow
Adrien Brody
role : Jack Driscoll
Jack Black
role : Carl Denham
Thomas Kretschmann
role : Captain Englehorn
Andy Serkis
role : Kong / Lumpy



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