Terminator Salvation (2009)
00 minute | Fantasy
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Terminator Salvation

2018 year. In the world there was a war with cars. John Connor is a man whose fate is to lead the Resistance to the electronic brain of Skynet and the army of Terminators. But the mysterious Marcus Wright wedges into the future, with faith in which he is returned: a stranger whose last memories paint a death row.
Connor must understand who this Marcus is and for what purpose he has come to people. And against the backdrop of SkyNet’s preparations for a decisive strike, Connor and Wright embark on a journey leading them to the very core of the rebellious operating system, where a terrible secret reveals itself behind the potential destruction of humanity.

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Christian Bale
role : John Connor
Sam Worthington
role : Marcus Wright
Anton Yelchin
role : Kyle Reese
Moon Bloodgood
role : Blair Williams
Bryce Dallas Howard
role : Kate Connor



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