Immortals (2011)
00 minute | Action
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Obsessed with a thirst for power, King Hyperion wants to destroy the human race and overthrow the gods. With the help of Epirus Bow, made by the hands of the god of war Ares, he frees the Titans from thousands of years imprisonment in the mountains of Tartarus. The gods are powerless to confront the mad king. The only hope for salvation is the hero Theseus, who enters into an unequal war with the Titans. The gods of Olympus, led by Zeus himself, the prophetess Fedra and the cunning slave Stavros help the hero in a mortal battle with demons. Theseus must defeat, or the gods of Olympus will be overthrown, and Hellas is doomed to death ...

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Henry Cavill
role : Theseus
Mickey Rourke
role : King Hyperion
Freida Pinto
role : Phaedra
Luke Evans
role : Zeus
Stephen Dorff
role : Stavros



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