Dead Silence (2006)
00 minute | Horor
added to catalog : 22.11.2019

Dead Silence

Newlyweds Jamie and Lisa receive a parcel without a return address, in which a ventriloquist doll is found. That same night, something brutally kills Lisa, and Jamie, being the main suspect, decides to figure out her mysterious death. The guy returns to his hometown, where for the first time in a long time he sees his father and learns the details of the local legend - many years ago there lived the ventriloquist Mary Shaw, who bequeathed to bury herself with all her dolls.

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Ryan Kwanten
role : Jamie Ashen
Amber Valletta
role : Ella Ashen
Donnie Wahlberg
role : Det. Lipton
Michael Fairman
role : Henry Walker
Joan Heney
role : Marion Walker



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