Greta (2018)
00 minute | Drama
added to catalog : 17.05.2020


Frances McCullen is a waitress living in New York City with her friend Erica (Maika Monroe), still reeling from the death of her mother one year prior. One morning Frances finds a handbag on a subway train; the ID inside confirms the bag belongs to a Greta Hideg (Isabelle Huppert). Frances visits Greta to return the bag and Greta invites her in for a cup of coffee.

Greta tells Frances she is a widow from France, whose daughter is still there, studying in Paris. Frances begins to spend time with Greta to keep her company, despite Erica's objections that their friendship is unnatural. One night while having dinner at Greta's, Frances finds a closet full of multiple handbags, identical to the one she found on the train. Attached to the bags are names and phone numbers, including Frances'.

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Maika Monroe
role : Erica Penn
Chloë Grace Moretz
role : Frances McCullen
Isabelle Huppert
role : Greta Hideg
Arthur Lee
role : Korean Couple
Colm Feore
role : Chris McCullen



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