Beyond Skyline (2017)
00 minute | Adventure
added to catalog : 31.01.2020

Beyond Skyline

Taking place at the same time of Skyline, Mark Corley, a Los Angeles police detective, helps his estranged son, Trent, out of jail just as an alien invasion begins. The entire population of the city is sucked into various spaceships by a blue light. Mark leads a group of surviving humans through underground subway tunnels to escape, though most of the humans are killed or abducted one by one. The survivors – Mark, Trent, transit operator Audrey, and a homeless man known only as "Sarge", who is immune to the blue light due to his blindness – escape to the marina following the city's nuclear destruction, only to be abducted into the alien flagship by a towering alien tanker.

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Frank Grillo
role : Mark
Bojana Novakovic
role : Audrey
Jonny Weston
role : Trent
Callan Mulvey
role : Harper
Antonio Fargas
role : Sarge



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