The Commuter (2018)
00 minute | Detective
added to catalog : 21.05.2019

The Commuter

Michael MacCauley, an Irish-American NYPD member turned insurance agent, has a wife and teenaged son. He goes through the same routine train commute to work and back every day, taking the Hudson Line from Tarrytown to Grand Central Terminal, often interacting with the same other commuters. His daily routine is interrupted when he is abruptly fired from his job after a decade at the same company, leading him to wonder how he will pay his mortgage or afford his son's college tuition. Choosing not to immediately reveal his dismissal to his family, he instead confides in Murphy, his ex-partner on the force, while he and Murphy's unit are at a bar.

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Liam Neeson
role : Michael MacCauley
Vera Farmiga
role : Joanna
Patrick Wilson
role : Alex Murphy
Jonathan Banks
role : Walt
Sam Neill
role : Captain Hawthorne
Elizabeth McGovern
role : Karen MacCauley



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