Quarantine (2008)
00 minute | Fantasy
added to catalog : 25.04.2020


On the evening of March 11, 2008, news reporter and cameraman, Angela Vidal and Scott Percival, are assigned to follow firefighters Jake and Fletcher during their nightshift. They are given a department tour, but an emergency call dispatches them. Arriving, screams from a self-barricaded apartment block room were heard by the landlord and residents. The firemen, police officers, and crew enter; they are attacked by an aggressive elderly woman. Fletcher also mysteriously falls to the base floor, incapacitated. The old woman bites a policeman and is killed. As the residents are ordered downstairs for their own safety, the team finds a second woman in a similar condition and bring her downstairs with others.

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Jennifer Carpenter
role : Angela Vidal
Steve Harris
role : Scott Percival
Jay Hernandez
role : Jake
Columbus Short
role : Danny Wilensky
Dania Ramirez
role : Sadie



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